How to obtain a more sustainable health model based on participation and co-creation, taking into account patient experience? How to adapt and generate value in the face of this new trend?


We are facing a paradigm shift, a transformation from a hierarchical system to an ecosystem based on stakeholder networks, in which the person is on the center.


In response to this challenge, Mondragon Unibertsitatea teaches the e-course “Patient Experience”, with the participation of IEXP and LKS, from different perspectives: Mondragon Unibertsitatea, expert in training, methodologies of Design Thinking and innovation centered on people; The Institute for Patient Experience (IEXP), a patient-centered entity; And LKS, with a practical vision on how to apply the methodology and tools in real projects.


The course is mainly aimed at people related to healthcare: clinical and pharmaceutical field, healthcare community, patient associations, etc.


You can access more information here (Spanish):


Basic Course



Advanced Course