More than 100 attendees, including health managers, consultants, service designers, specialists in the pharmaceutical sector, medical staff and patients gathered on Friday, June 17 in Madrid, in the ‘1st Patient Experience Congress ‘, sponsored by MONDRAGON HEALTH .

The aim of the conference was to show society health initiatives that have been developed through a participatory approach and with the collaboration of different healthcare stakeholders. To that end, roundtables and dynamic workshops were organized, pursuing the aim mentioned before and looking for new opportunities in a participatory healthcare context.

LKS DIARADESIGN and LKS CONSULTANCY had the opportunity to lead one of the workshops in the afternoon, “Taking patients into account to improve their experience,” based on Design Thinking, which showed how projects could be addressed to improve the patient experience. For example, different areas of the emergency department were worked, identifying positive and negative aspects, to focus on a problem and look for improvement solutions. The workshop concluded sharing the ideas generated and with a high degree of satisfaction by participants.