The first train of Wuhan Metro Line 6 has arrived in Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei province, recently. Line 6 is the second subway in Wuhan to cross the Hanjiang River.


With a total length of 36.1km, there are 27 stations along the metro line. The seating capacity is 1860 passengers, which means 30% larger than the latter. There are also more side doors, more seats, it´s safer due to its emergency exits, it´s equipped with advanced light plasma air cleaners, and measures are adopted to reduce noises.


The Line 6 features the color of parrot green (close to several scenic spots, nature, peace and health). It is also inspired by crane, resembling its eyes. Endowed with the crane’s charm outside, the trains are decorated with vivid curves inside to express the winding rivers, which represent vitality, energy and development.


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