The Hyundai Rotem J151 trains are the first generation of rolling stock for the Jurong Region Line of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, manufactured by Hyundai Rotem under Contract J151 and design by DIARADESIGN for LTA (Land Transport Authority, Singapur).

Singapore is a water-surrounded city that has an impressive and famous bay where we can find the great Merlion statue, Singapore’s symbol. Therefore, water has been the main source of inspiration for this innovative and high tech feeling exterior design. For instance, the front head shape of the train represents a drop of water, as the central part of LTA’s logo does. In fact, LTA’s logo has also been an inspiration. The teal coloured belt representing the lines of LTA logo reminds us of the water and its’ fluidity and adds dynamism to the design.

For the interior design, the focus was put on creating an harmonic atmosphere through the contrast of colours and textures, on the feasibility of the design and making the maintenance of the train in terms of cleaning easy. Furthermore, the bright colour combination is the representation of the vibrant and diverse communities (culture, ethnicities, religions…) that live altogether in Singapur.